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Thanks for visiting this new feature on my website…travel posts.…for the journeyer in all of us. I hope by providing scenics and narratives from my travels, it might foster a discussion on the lifelong values of travel.

Accessing the Travel Posts Archives (posts to date) can be done in the drop-down menu under the Travel Posts button or through the Blog button where the latest travel post choices cycle through on the screen.

You will find these twice monthly travel posts to be on the brief side with just enough information about the location where I photographed to pique your interest. With each travel post, you will find a slideshow of images (click at your own pace in either a small or large view) taken during my trip. Perhaps it will remind you of an experience you had or be incentive to plan a future trip of your own. I hope you will enjoy them. Click on the website links in each post for further information on the various topics of interest.

Oftentimes, I am glad to get input from fellow travelers on their travel experiences or take suggestions on interesting features of a locale or which hike might provide the best panoramics. I study the internet for detailed specifics of each region I am exploring. I find books like Rick Steve’s Guidebooks so valuable to “parse down” all the options of the area. If you are interested in photography, often there are books of the region’s best features to give you ideas. In later posts, I want to discuss how I go about building an itinerary.

More later on sharing the lifelong values of travel..….Bon Voyage!



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