Romantic Venice

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Our destination for this travel post is romantic Venice, Italy. Getting there can be accomplished by flying into one of the larger cities in Italy of Rome or Milan with travel by train or car to Venice or flying into the local Veneto airport (at a premium). Once you arrive in Venice, you can forget about your car during your stay (but not for free).

Ideally you want to stay in Venice (rather than close by) to truly absorb the charm of the city both early in the morning and in the evening. In fact one of my criteria for this trip is to find a “reasonably priced centrally located hotel”….Just 3 minutes by foot from Piazza San Marco and 5 minutes from the Ponte di Rialto, the Hotel Antica Locanda al Gambero is nicely situated among the 3 star hotels of Venice as their brochure will tell you. Look for discounts on room rates on websites like Orbitz or obtain a Fodor’s Guide or Rick Steve’s Guidebook for further lodging recommendations. If you do not know about Yapta or Kayak, give them a try to get notified of price drops. However, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Our recent stay was delightful with al fresco dining found everywhere. From our hotel we had an easy stroll to a variety of Venice locales including St Mark’s Square and Tower (make sure to take the Clock Tower tour), as well as visit the Accademia Bridge/ and Venice Museum of Art, and the Rialto Bridge for canal-side dining.  During the day your venturing may take you to the local market or along numerous canalside walkways.

When you have worn out your feet, collapse in a chair in an open-air cafe, sip some wine and enjoy the parade of people. If you get lost while wandering, “don’t worry” as Rick Steve’s says….”its an island so you will eventually be found”.

If possible, experience the City by water, whether by water taxi, gondola or vaparetto during your trip. For more information, contact me @


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