Photo Tips Overview

Welcome to the second new feature on my website……photo tips……since everyone can learn how to take better images. I hope to share tips, sometimes simple, others more technical, so that you can enjoy better “image creating” regardless of whether your subject is your new baby, a favorite pet or your vacation trip to Egypt.

Everyone these days has a camera-from your cellphone to a high-end  full-size-sensor digital single-lens reflex (dslr). We can all take good images, on occasion. What I hope to do is show you how you might take better imagery more frequently.

On a twice monthly basis, I will add photo tips and you should be able to search by topic or just scan each tip, as you please. You will learn among other things about:

  • the settings on your camera
  • how to read a histogram
  • how to shoot sharper images
  • how to store your images

If you have a particular question, please use the reply post on the page below.

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