Step Closer and Fill Flash

There are 2 easy actions that will immediately improve your images:

1-“step up”…..when you think you are ready to take a photograph, step up closer to your subject. As the famous color photographer Eliot Porter described (click here to see more information) eliminate “non-essentials” in your image capture for a stronger image. Often we shoot before ensuring that “the telephone pole” is avoided or the ceiling light glaring above Aunt Bertha’s head is screened out.

2-“Use fill flash”……if you are taking people images with a bright background behind, the light meter in the camera will read the light behind the subject. The faces will thus be in a shadow. If you “force the flash” to go off by adjusting the flash option on your camera, the flash will “fill the light” on the subjects’ faces to balance the lighting with the brighter background light…… Viola!!!! A better image!

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